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Intelligent workshop design

A workplace installation, if designed correctly, can rapidly pay for itself in increased staff productivity. OTTOKIND are Europe’s foremost suppliers of high quality workshop and storage equipment and provide premium quality products at an exceptional lifetime value.


  • Invest for the long term.
  • Adaptable for your exact needs.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Makes the most of your space.
  • Create a workplace you can be proud of.

Designed to Work

Built to Last

A robust and reassuring build quality and thousands of components that have been designed to work in harmony with the user mean that you can expect a rapid return on investment on equipment that will last for decades.


We work with you to ensure that you are receiving the design that best suits the needs of you and your workforce.


Our design team provide you with a detailed quotation and a 3D CAD drawing to show you exactly what to expect.


To keep your costs to a minimum, we don’t usually arrange installation, but we look to deliver at a time that suits you.

Our Design Team

We determine between us what you need to improve the productivity of your team and then we provide you with a CAD drawing allowing you to see the design, before you put your name to the order.