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About Us

OTTOKIND workshop and storage equipment has been designed and engineered to provide long-term value with equipment that will improve productivity and save you space.


Our modern, modular systems are built to provide you with exactly what you need to make your tasks less complicated and equipm your users to do their work in optimum surroundings. All movements and finishing are at the luxury end of the market and feel reassuringly opulent.


We frequently speak to clients whose KIND equipment is over thirty years old and still works perfectly. With a minimal amount of care, you can ensure you will be working with your purchase for decades.


By purchasing directly from OTTOKIND, you are assured that you receive the ultimate value from your purchase.  OTTOKIND are the premium supplier in their field in Europe offering exceptional products at a very fair price.


With a marvellous finish and colour schemes to match yours, KIND equipment makes a work area look fantastic. Create an area you are delighted to show your customers and provide an environment that improves your employees’ working day.