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Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonomic workstations designed to suit the individual user


Our ergonomic range of workstations and supply systems can improve your team’s performance by as much as 50%.

Your workstations are the heart of your business.

Better design makes them more efficient, improves workflow, cuts down on repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), and increases productivity to boost your profits.


Revitalize your workshops with our top of the range solutions

We design every one of our products to give your people the most comfortable work station possible.

Each is designed for maximum efficiency, to reduce the stress caused by unnatural body positions, and keep components and tools easy to reach and work with.


Success from the ground up

Happier employees make for a better business. Providing a safe, easy-to-use workstation makes your people more comfortable in their work, cuts down on stress and RSIs and improves their productivity – great news for them, your customers and your profits.

Few strains, fewer days off

Staff absence can be an enormous drain on your profits. Our Ergonomic Workstations help your people with the best possible posture and minimise unnatural movement. This cuts down stress on ligaments, muscles and tendons to  keep your work force stronger for longer.

KIND Ergonomic Workstations provide:

  • Easy height adjustability by Allan key, hand crank or electronic mechanism
  • Overhead lamp for optimum lighting
  • 90° and 45° corner angles
  • PC tower and swivel monitor holder with a keyboard shelf and mouse mat
  • Swivel arms, perforated back panels, shelves, overhead lights, tool rails and many other accessories bringing components and tools within easy reach
  • Vast range of workstation sizes
  • Durability and strength
  • Tailored solutions for diverse requirements


Ergonomics: Where the magic happens 

Understanding the human body in the work environment is key to planning assembly workstations that yield high productivity. Awkward and repetitive movements can cause injury and long-term health issues. By locating components and consumables in the most effective and comfortable positions, you’ll keep your workers happy and see the positive impact on their results. Everyone’s a winner.

Modular system for next level optimisation

KIND Multi-Workstation System can combine multiple elements into one workflow. Our sophisticated modular system ensures quick setup and changeover times, for an easier worklife.


Investing in your people

Because KIND Workstations can be adjusted to a person’s body size, provide optimal lighting and easy access to tools and components, they create a safer, more comfortable working environment. They help reduce injury and stress, making for a great investment in your people and their future.

Upgrade your workflow NOW

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