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Ergonomic Workstations

OTTOKIND Ergonomic Workstations can be designed to suit the user and their tasks.

Optimum productivity – Happy workers – Boosted bottom line.

Your workstations are where the magic happens. When they provide a smooth running, high functioning work place, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of increased productivity and higher profits. Revitalize your workshops with our top of the range solutions. Our ergonomic range of workstations and supply systems can improve your staff’s performance by as much as 50%.

Your customers will love them as much as you do

  • Impress customers with a great looking workspace you can be proud of
  • Get the job done fast, so your team can do more with their time at work
  • Smoother work flow from station to station directly increases productivity
  • Minimise assembly errors and improve service, creating happier customers and even bigger profits
  • Efficient use of space accommodates more orders in your existing shop
  • Happier and more committed employees, with lower staff turnover and training costs
  • Reduce absenteeism caused by RSIs from inappropriate reaching and carrying
  • Enjoy the significant increase in your bottom line and business stability

Productivity never felt so easy.

It’s the small changes that make all the difference. Every one of our products has been designed with the operator’s comfort in mind. We’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. Our designs work to dramatically reduce stress and strain caused by unnatural body positions. Enjoy simple efficiency with components and tools that are configured for an easy, convenient reach within a fully optimised work area.

Ergonomics: The applied science of equipment design for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

Success from the ground up.

Take care of your employees and your business will flourish. Workers who are equipped with a workstation tailored to maximise their comfort and ease will naturally complete their tasks with greater efficiency.

Save energy. Save time. Boost profits.

KIND Ergonomic Workstations provide comfort and functionality to maximise your operatives’ output. Staff absence can be an enormous drain on your profits, especially with an ageing workforce and the ever-prevalent threat of litigation. KIND Ergonomic Workstations are designed to allow the employee to work with the best possible posture, while minimising unnatural movement. Our workstations create a huge impact in reducing stress on ligaments, muscles and tendons. Keeping your work force stronger for longer.

KIND Ergonomic Workstations provide:

  • Simple height adjustability with Allan Key, Hand Crank or electronic mechanism
  • Overhead lamp provides optimum lighting for operators
  • 90° and 45° corner angles
  • PC tower and swivel monitor holder with a keyboard shelf and mouse mat.
  • Swivel arms, perforated back panels, shelves, overhead lights, tool rails and many other accessories provide easy reachability of components and tools
  • Vast range of workstation sizes
  • KIND Ergonomic Workstations are extremely robust, durable & strong
  • Incredibly flexible with tailored solutions that cater for diverse requirements

Manual labour is still the backbone of industrial production. Operators are a vital component of adaptable assembly systems. Prioritizing comfortable and efficient workflows can boost productivity while offering long-term health benefits to the individuals in your company. Despite an ever greater degree of automation, industrial production is still largely manual, particularly in assembly. Operators are vital for ensuring the adaptability and flexibility of assembly systems. Ensuring comfort and enabling employees to work efficiently can boost productivity enormously as well as being beneficial to the health of the individual.

Ergonomics: Where the magic happens.

Understanding the human body in the work environment is key to planning assembly workstations that yield high productivity. Awkward and repetitive movements can cause injury and long-term health issues. By locating components and consumables in the most effective and comfortable positions, you’ll keep your workers happy and see the positive impact on their results. Everyone’s a winner.

Next level optimization.

The KIND Multi-Workstation System has been refined to maximize ergonomic benefits even further when you combine multiple elements into one workflow. Its sophisticated modular system ensures quick setup and changeover times with a smoothly optimised workflow that boosts both output and employee morale.

Safety, satisfaction and benefits for all.

An optimized work environment ensures the wellbeing of your workers. KIND Workstations can be adjusted to individual body size, optimal lighting of the work area, easy reach of components and many other factors that create a safe, ergonomic, working environment. By preventing possible adverse physical and psychosomatic health effects, you’re investing in the future well-being of your company.

Upgrade your workflow with KIND Ergonomic Technology.

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