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OTTO KIND Product Ranges

Otto Kind combines a high build quality with innovative design to ensure that they adapt to your storage / workplace requirement.
KIND shelving and racking is enormously adaptable. It comes in a vast range of sizes and shelf strengths and includes a vast array of accessories to adapt to your need. Whatever your storage requirement, KIND has the solution.

Drawer Storage

The KIND range of drawer cabinets and drawer shelving has a reputation in Europe for being the finest available. The only system to offer a full anti-tilt system and the drawers operate beautifully with minimum effort .


Workbenches for every requirement. Specialist worktops with different properties. Many ways to incorporate bespoke storage and ergonomic design. Exceptional build quality and an attractive look will improve every workplace.
Ergonomic workstations that are designed with the user in mind. Studies have shown that operator productivity increases by up to 40% after investment in KIND ergonomic workstations and yields an average of a 190% return for each year of use.

Locker Systems

Locker systems that lead the world in innovation. If you need something special, give us a shout and we will have the answer. Bespoke locking systems integrated into the attractive and secure KIND lockers have been making waves on the continent.

Plan Storage

Plan filing cabinets that last for decades. We replace keys for cabinets that were bought in the 70s. A0 and A1 plan cabinets that are the choice of the finest archives. All of the major museums and libraries have adopted KIND as their preferred manufacturer.

Steel Cupboards

Steel cupboards that are extremely strong, they don’t buckle and have a range of accessories to store all relevant items in a safe and secure way. We supply hinged and sliding-door cabinets including the largest cupboards available in the world.

Industrial Soundproofing

Silence4work is the newest addition to the OTTO KIND range. It allows you to build soundproofing wherever you need it. Simple to construct, it offers huge value in comparison to permanent soundproofing and can be attached to the wall and ceiling to absorb sound.